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Colorful Dress Socks, Hot or Not?

Are men's colorful socks still in, or has the fad ran it's course? It seems as if everywhere you turn these days there's a man adorning a pair of patterned socks. I've seen it all from images of sponge-bob to colors from the movie "The Wizard of Oz. In an attempt to keep men sophisticated, well-dressed, and dapper, the fashion police have decreed that socks should be simple and straight to the point. However when it comes down to men's fashion we understand it's also a form of self expression.

The world we live in is saturated with socks of expression. For me, I always seek ways to standout and to be different.

I'm almost to the point of trashing my loud colors, ditching the argyles and burning my stripes and patterned socks. Why? I think mainly because I'm now older.

Let me be clear, it's not like I'm boycotting wearing socks with any color. I'll still mix it up a bit, just not as flamboyant as before. I've decided to go with an all nylon sock whenever wearing slacks, or a dress suit.

I believe it enhances the look plus adds a greater sense of maturity.